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"See the mother within your heart and thoughts. Labor for love of her, draw others to her by your own example. Create the atmosphere of divine harmony and receptivity she cannot resist, then you will have her form as well as the blessings of her formless self. Those who labor thus are the dearest of the dear to The Divine Mother.”


The Divine Mother, Sri Daya Mata



Greetings Dear Mother,


Welcome to HEART AND HANDS MATERNITY CONCIERGE! I look forward to helping you cultivate trust in birth and develop confidence to manifest the most ideal birth you can imagine! I am honored to work with you to support you to reach your birthing goals, care for you after the birth of your precious newborn, and help you transition into becoming a mother. Drawing upon 27 years as a birth companion to women giving birth in the hospital, birth center and at home, and my own experience of giving birth naturally and ecstatically, I am honored to support you during pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood.


Peace and Blessings,






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