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Sibling Preparation Classes

The birth of a new baby in the family is an exciting event. It also can be confusing and anxiety-producing for older siblings and parents-to-be. Parents expecting another baby often ask themselves, "Will I be able to love anyone else as much as I love my first child?" or "How will I cope with having another child?" Kids of all ages wonder if the new baby will take all of mommy and daddy's attention.



Older children may wonder how the baby is going to come out of mother's ever-increasing belly.


Parents-to-be maybe asking themselves whether it is a good or bad idea to have older children at the birth, and how should we prepare them for the big day?


All of these concerns are addressed in a sibling preparation class. Designed to suit children of all ages (2 to 17), the information is given in an age-approporiate manner, using language and materials parents approve of and children can understand. The length of classes varies based on the age of the children.Toddlers may only need 15 minutes to a half hour session, where older children may be able to be engaged for an hour.


The instructor Cordelia Hanna-Cheruiyot is a seasoned Childbirth Educator with a Masters in Public Health in Health Education and Promotion/Maternal and Child Health, and has prepared 100s of parents and children for the birth of a new baby. Using models, charts, videos and interactive exercises, Cordelia's classes are experiential, suitable for children of all ages. Cordelia will give suggestions for parents on how to make the birth experience positive for children. Drawing upon 25 years of experiences with children at birth, and her own children's births (where older sibling was present), Cordelia will support your family in this amazing, family-centered birth experience.


Classes are $100 for a one hour session. They are taught in your own home. Please call (323)222-2112 or email to schedule a class.


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